We’re really excited you have taken your first step towards freedom from the credit card companies. As much as their mission is to keep you entangled with them for life, ours is the opposite!

Your success begins with understanding how it works. To that end, we have attached a very important document detailing every aspect of your program and contact information for live ‘here in the USA’ help!

Please take some time (maybe this evening after dinner) to read it, aside from answering many common questions, it will provide you valuable insight into what you can expect next.


Currently we are missing some or all of your billing statements from the creditors you have placed in the program. It is VITAL we receive these statements so we can verify your balances, and begin to contact your creditors to negotiate your balances.

You may either scan and email them to customerservice@focusdebt.com with your Account Number in the subject line, or fax them to 813-774-3492

I also want you to know that our customer service department is here to help with any questions you may have. Simply email us at customerservice@focusdebt.com or call 1-800-976-9920

Thanks and WELCOME!